5 Essential SKills to Resolve Any Legal Issue


5 Essential Skills to Resolve Any Legal Issue

Learn how to successfully navigate even the most stressful legal challenges with calm, clarity and confidence. Just fill out this short form and it’s yours!

A compassionate, unique, win-win approach to the law.

I serve as a guide for people who want to invoke their spiritual values in their legal challenges. I help them create the best possible outcomes with strength, clarity and compassion.

Are you feeling stuck, stressed, depressed, angry or overwhelmed with a difficult legal issue?

Would you like to be more calm, smart and effective, reduce your stress, frustration and legal costs, and create a better outcome?

I’ve seen people show up in deposition, mediation or trial not knowing what to do or say, in anxiety, unable to listen, think or speak well, and be an awful witness for themselves or even harm or kill their case.

I know of one divorce case where the husband was so combative, uncooperative and manipulative that the judge ordered him to pay $100,000 of his wife’s legal fees.

I’ve often seen completely unnecessary litigation continue long after it should have settled, because the parties remain in personal pain, defensiveness and attack.

I’ve seen attorneys magnify their client’s pain and anger, prolong litigation, and run up hundreds of thousands (even millions) in legal fees for themselves.

Legal situations are often long and drawn out. Your quality of BEING guides how it will go.

If you descend into tit-for-tat, meeting fire with fire, you lose credibility and likeability and keep worsening the conflict. If you can instead live your highest values and show up as your best self, miraculous outcomes can occur.

I can help you reach a more positive outcome.

I’ve been a licensed, holistic attorney for 20+ years, and am also a professional life coach and certified meditation instructor.

I use my many tools to help you slow down, calm your emotions, and implement the legal super-powers of empathy, friendliness, and thoughtful, clear-minded words and actions. My guidance and mentoring can help you:

  • Find your path to inner calm and strength, so you can be more relaxed and grounded and make better decisions;
  • Learn how to inject calming, conflict-defusing statements and actions into legal battles;
  • Understand how your particular forum works, so you can be comfortable with the process – mediation, arbitration, civil trial, criminal trial, IRS negotiation, debt negotiation, etc.; and
  • Learn how decision-makers think, what impresses them, and how to move them to want to help you.

As your coach or mentor, I hold a safe and confidential space for us to analyze your situation and needs, and how I can help you navigate your case with more calm, clarity and strength.

Why does this work?

This holistic, calming approach is helpful because the essence of law is fairness, equality, and doing what is right – The Golden Rule.

So when you walk into a legal situation holding these higher qualities, speaking them, and acting upon them, people feel it. Judges, juries, arbitrators, government employees, debt company agents – everyone – feels it.

And most people respond. Judges and juries are looking for people whom they like and trust. Government employees are so shocked by unusual niceness that they often go out of their way to especially help you!

I love my new service. It’s about helping my clients be better people, live up to their highest personal and spiritual values, and become more powerful and at peace in the legal world.


Here’s what my clients have experienced.

Please note that these testimonials or endorsements do not constitute a guarantee, warranty or prediction regarding the outcome of your legal matter.

Duane helped me so much when I was recovering from surgery, and an angry landlord was trying to kick me out. He coached me on how to write a firm yet polite letter to protect my rental for another month, and also protect myself from the anger outbursts and intimidation. It worked! So grateful for his guidance with this."  - Zahn Lascot
“The work that Duane did with me has changed the nature of my relationships with people in positions of authority that used to intimidate me, such as the IRS and insurance adjustors. It didn’t just change a skill set, it changed a mindset for me and opened my heart to people that I had been afraid of."  - Sierra Faith
I would have never in my lifetime thought that I would gain spiritual awareness while dealing with a legal matter. Thank you so much for being the one to re-presence me to my heart." - Cassandra Arnold
I left our session feeling so happy and relieved. I am finally seeing myself inside the framework of a legal structure that I can live with, and understand, and feel myself in integrity with. Such a blessing!”  - Marian O.
My experience with Duane has shown him to be authentic about getting to the core of an issue beyond just the legal aspect, and into the psycho-spiritual issues that never fail to accompany legal entanglements. As I worked through my issue, I was left with a feeling of confidence where before it was overwhelming and emotionally charged.” - Mark Naseck

Coaching, Guides and Resources so you can breathe easier.

Legal issues can raise some of our deepest fears, anger, sadness and pain; I can teach you how to overcome them and move forward peacefully. Once you have these skills, you have them for life.

Personal Coaching

Personal Coaching

I work with your individual situation, strengths and growth areas to maximize your ability to create a good outcome. I help you move from stress, anxiety, and overwhelm to calm, clarity and confidence, so you can be most effective in navigating your legal issue.



Guides and Resources

Move from chaos and overwhelm to clarity and confidence in navigating your legal issue. I offer targeted Guides, Case Examples, Forms, Meditations, Videos and other Resources to help you be more effective AND have a better life.


Let’s talk about how I can help you.

I take selected clients nationally, and have space for about 12 clients each month. I offer one-hour sessions, as well as more personalized care for packages of 1 month, 3 months or 6 months. If you’re interested in learning more about these services, just fill out this short form.