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Are you having a hard time dealing with the stress and strains of a traumatic legal situation? Moving from stress, anxiety and overwhelm to solid Calm, Courage and Clarity can help you resolve your issues easier, faster and usually with a better outcome.

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In my 25 years as a licensed attorney, I've seen people's cases suffer because of their anxiety, depression, anger, loss of sleep and other ramifications. I've developed a process to "tune up" my clients so they can be more calm, focused and strong for their case.

Over the course of my early years, I became aware that everything was important when interviewing clients: their fears frustrations, and the whole social, historical and personal backgrand of their drama. I learned that my clients needed to be fully heard and understood.

As I began to incorporate more meditation and emotional aspects into my work with my clients, I gained insight into how to help them effectively move forward.

So this process not only helps my clients feel heard and understood, it is also highly effective in moving a case to resolution.

From this larger view, we begin.

Note: this site offers legal situation coaching, not legal advice or services.

Duane Light, JD

The Compassionate Legal Trauma Coach


About Duane

Duane Light is a pioneer in the field of law, bridging spiritual principles, emotional clearing and the practicalities of law. With this multi-pronged approach, Duane helps his clients move from debilitating stress and overwhelm to empowered clarity and compassion.

Duane was raised in an abusive and alcoholic family. For several decades he has worked to heal the PTSD from that experience, and cultivate a life with more peace, happiness, and also the strength to be a practicing lawyer in court. His experience of moving through depression, fear and anger allows him to compassionately work with these in his coaching practice. His clients know that he understands them, and they appreciate his empathy and experience that often parallels their current challenges.

Duane has been a licensed California attorney for 24 years and has practiced in most civil law areas, including Wills and Trusts, Family issues, Injury/Insurance, Debt, Real Estate, Nonprofits, and Small Business.

He is also a certified Integrative Restoration (iRest) Teacher and Practitioner. iRest has been successfully used to help people successfully move through trauma, including soldiers returning from combat suffering from PTSD. Based in both spiritual and psychological understandings, iRest helps clients clear trauma without having to delve into mental story-telling and re-creation of the trauma, so they can function again in their lives in a peaceful and effective way.

Duane lived in Asia for five years and extensively studied and practiced within a wide variety of spiritual disciplines, including esoteric Christianity, Buddhism, Taoism, Native American and modern western modalities. With this background, he works with his client’s spiritual path, showing them how to live their highest values even in the midst of legal trauma.

Duane’s clients love his calm demeanor, confidence and sense of humor as he guides them to a more heartful and powerful way of resolving legal and life conflicts.

How we work together

  • We have an initial 1 1/2 to 2 hour  session, focused on your experience, feelings, thoughts, people involved, background, and more importantly, your longer term goals and how you want to show up, how you want to BE while navigating through this challenge. We’ll focus on what you are thinking, feeling, and experiencing in your body and in your life. I’ll ask you to read my 5 Essential Tools to Resolve Any Legal Issue guidebook.
  • I’ll offer some initial suggestions, and we’ll discuss a path forward. I often like to start with 2 to 4 hours of planned work together, to see how it goes for each of us.
  • We each take what was learned in this first session and reflect on it for a day or two or three, for some insight or clarity to emerge (unless emergency action is needed).
  • We talk again, and solidify initial next steps with goals, timelines and accountability built in. We work on all levels – practical, emotional, relational, and spiritual. I have studied and practiced in a wide variety of spiritual disciplines, Eastern and Western, and we tailor this aspect to your beliefs and practices. There will be immediate steps for you to find more ease and peace, and to make the next communication or action in your case as firm and as soft as is needed.
  • We continue to work together as needed. Some clients’ issues resolve after one or two sessions. Other clients, in long-term litigation or divorce mediation for example, may work with me for months or years

An example: Sierra’s story

"The work that Duane did with me has changed the nature of my relationships with people in positions of authority that used to intimidate me.”

Sierra was behind in IRS payments, and did not have the ability to pay. From early childhood, she had been intimidated by authority figures, and did not do well with them. She was looking to a coming call with an IRS agent with a lot of fear.

We had a long session, and we talked about her unitive spiritual beliefs – that at the core we all have the spark of God, the Kingdom within, the Buddha within. I asked her if she could see the IRS agent as a spiritual being in a difficult life circumstance.

The IRS is one of the worst places to work. Their turnover is three times higher than the average business. So I asked if, before she called this agent, that she meditate and see and feel him as a friend in the making – just be kind and personal. She made the call and was able to be present and kind. The agent ended up completely writing off her debt.

Why this works: IRS agents, Insurance Adjustors, Judges, Lawyers, Court Clerks, and most other people in a position of power usually have to deal with stressed-out, fearful, untrusting, evasive, and often angry people. When you fall into the 5% of people who are kind, present, honest and helpful, treating everyone in a kind and friendly way, then you are more likely to create a positive outcome.

About 8 years later, Sierra had to deal with a insurance adjustor for an auto accident. She was seeking a new but effective medical treatment that insurers typically don’t cover.

Sierra befriended the agent, they ended up talking deeply about their families, and she found that the agent’s daughter was having a similar medical issue.
She educated the agent about the new procedure, and the agent authorized payment, and also used this procedure for her daughter!

She educated the agent about the new procedure, and the agent authorized payment, and also used this procedure for her daughter!

The work that Duane did with me has changed the nature of my relationships with people in positions of authority that used to intimidate me, such as the IRS and insurance adjustors. It didn’t just change a skill set, it changed a mindset for me and opened my heart to people that I had been afraid of."
- Sierra Faith

Please Note: this testimonial or endorsement does not constitute a guarantee, warranty or prediction regarding the outcome of your legal matter.

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