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Workshops-OnlineCoursesMove from chaos and overwhelm to calm, effective confidence in navigating your legal issue. I’ll share the exact processes that have helped dozens of my clients move from stress to success.

I'm creating Guides and Resources to help you with specific legal topics and events, for example Deposition, Mediation, Arbitration, Discovery,  Trial, Small Claims Court, How to Win Your Big Day in Court, What Judges Want to Hear, and Dealing Effectively With Government Agencies . You’ll have exclusive access to the valuable materials including step-by-step instruction,  resource lists, exercises, meditations and practices that you can use again and again.

My next Guide: How to Win Your Big Day in Court

With this in-depth Guide, I will take through all aspects of preparing well for your important day in court, from the practical side of practice and document review, to how to deal with tricky lawyer questions, and quick stress reduction techniques to help you be calm, clear, confident, likable  and persuasive.

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“I felt that all areas of your guidance applied to me and were helpful. I'm applying them to both my personal and my professional life. I have to admit that I'm very self focused on my personal growth and am using the breathing techniques and shaking/bouncing regularly to stop anxiety or just start my day from a healthy place. Acknowledging when the hurt me needs comforting has also been freeing. Thank you”.
– Katherine Buckton

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I have several new training planned for 2018.

I will be offering materials on several topics, for example: how to find the right and best lawyer for your case, how to represent yourself, how to find practical, plain-English information about your legal issue,  key points for dealing with an insurance agent, key points for dealing with the IRS, and key points for being likeable and persuasive in front of an arbitrator, judge or jury.

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