How treating an IRS agent as a friend disappeared the IRS debt

How treating an IRS agent as a friend disappeared the IRS debt

I am a counselor.  In 2002, I had a beautiful and profound outcome with an IRS tax issue, based on an “enlightened” approach suggested to me by my friend and Holistic Attorney Duane Light.

When I first spoke to Duane, I was afraid of the IRS and what they might do to in response to my outstanding IRS debt. I didn’t know what to do and was especially afraid of calling them.

I called Duane, and he gave me guidance to approach the IRS agents with an open heart, honesty and compassion. He suggested that I “treat the agent as a friend in the making.”  He told me that the average job turnover in the IRS is 9 months, and that many of these individuals are struggling with their work and rarely get to experience compassion and care from someone on the other end of the phone line.

After meditating and praying until I became calm, and when I sincerely felt that I could care for the person on the other end of the line, I made the call. My heart was open toward the IRS agent, and I know he felt that.

I was able to be friendly, direct and truthful about my financial situation. Amazingly, the agent reclassified my debts as uncollectible!

I continued to stay in contact with them over the years, and all my dealings with the IRS since that time have been completely benign and full of good will.

The work that Duane did with me has changed the nature of my relationships with people in positions of authority that used to intimidate me, such as the IRS and insurance adjustors. It’s just completely revolutionized the reactions and the results that I get from those people, in an atmosphere of fellowship with them.

It didn’t just change a skill set, it changed a mindset for me and opened my heart to people that I had been afraid of.

I have made reference to the benefits of the principals I learned from Duane to people often since that time.  So the benefits have continued to ripple out and help others.  The principals upon which his work is based are so solid and grounded in essential truths that I feel there’s been no diluting of their potency over the years.


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