Nurture a Positive Attitude to Help Your Law Case

I know – it’s not easy feeling positive when you are in a difficult legal entanglement. It’s natural to feel anxiety, overwhelm, frustration, sadness, anger, embarrassment, or even grief, rage or deep depression at times. I know – I’ve been there.

Being in these kind of feelings can make it hard to get enough sleep, to think, speak, or write clearly, or make your best decisions. So getting through these and coming to a more positive attitude will help – I’m sure you understand that.

The question is: how to get there?

It doesn’t work to say that you are positive 100 or 200 times, when the real emotions are churning below. If you don’t address those feelings, they are bound to leap up and take control of your thoughts and actions at some point. And that can hurt your case.

Two Steps

So there are two important steps to nurturing the positive:

  1. The first is effectively working with current emotions to help them calm, clear and release. There are many excellent ways to work with your emotions to help them calm, clear and release. I’m going to offer you a free helpful resource to do this at the end of this article.
  1. The second is planning, scheduling and doing things to bring out the Positive. “Nurturing” means exactly that – in order to shift your thinking and feeling, you need to consistently practice these beneficial exercises. I’ll give you an easy and effective exercise – I think you will soon enjoy and look forward to it.

Before we get to those, I want to give you a great example of how a past client of mine worked through her fear (she was ready to give up and lose $11,000 to a fraudster!), and came back to strongly end it and keep her money.

A Hypnotist’s Fraud

Z. (she wants to remain a bit anonymous) had received a hypnosis session to help her with a life issue. While she was under the effects of the hypnosis, the therapist convinced her to do a year’s worth of sessions, and sign a contract for $11,000!

Z. didn’t feel good about it once she came back to a clear mind, but she decided to have another session to see how it would go. It wasn’t very useful for her, and Z. decided she didn’t want to spend $11,000 on this therapist.

The therapist pointed to a clause in the contract saying the amount was due whether Z. did the sessions or not, and demanded to be paid or she would sue Z.

Z.’s Inner Work and Case Success

Z. contacted me, and we explored her fear, dread, and inclination to just pay the woman $11,000 to end the conflict. Z. did some inner exploration and discovered that she had a past issue that, when triggered, caused her to just about be terrified of this kind of conflict.

She worked to heal that, and then I helped her write a letter to the therapist, saying that to have her sign this contract while under hypnosis, during the first session, was inappropriate at best, and fraud at worst.

Z. never heard from the therapist again. More importantly, Z. became more clear and powerful in her life, and knew that she would be stronger if and when future conflicts arose.

This is the most important outcome – my client cleared a painful trigger, and grew and empowered herself in a way that would serve her for the rest of her life.

So sometimes, work with my clients is much more than nurturing a positive attitude. Clearing and releasing old triggers, old hurts, old angers, old fears, can be life-changing.

Here are the free resources that I promised:

Resource 1: The first is a 15 minute guided meditation that helps you relax, come to a sense of peace, and then compassionately feel into whatever emotion is arising. You are then led through a technique that helps you to step back and feel that emotion and also an opposite emotion, which often leads to more ease, peace, and release. Click here to experience this.

Resource 2: One of my favorite authors and psychologists, Dr. Martin Seligman, Ph.D, offers a wonderful exercise that helps you nurture gratitude and a more positive outlook:


Offerings for Further Support


Online Resources:

Rarely is a legal problem purely legal. Almost all disputes involve emotional and interpersonal dynamics. If you or someone you care about are in a middle of a difficult legal situation, I offer online guides, exercises, fill-in-the-blank forms, meditations and other resources to help you navigate through faster, easier and at lower cost, with more calm, clarity and confidence.

To learn more about my guides and resources, click here.

Private Consultation or Representation:

I’ve been able to help my clients transform their legal issues in the past, and I’d love to connect to talk to you about your situation. If you would like to speak personally with me about what’s happening for you, click here to learn more about working personally with me.

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